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What we do at Hydro Leader Magazine

Hydro Leader focuses on the people and solutions responsible for maintaining and improving our most reliable renewable energy source. The magazine is printed 10 times each year with combined issues in July/August and November/December. 

Volume 4 Issue 10 Nov/Dec

The primary purpose of hydropower facilities is to produce electricity, but their benefits go far beyond that. They can provide water storage, energy storage, flood control…

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Volume 4 Issue 8 September

Hydropower is sometimes thought of as an energy source of the past: a “forgotten giant,” as one of this month’s interviewees puts it. But as the penetration of wind and solar…

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Volume 4 Issue 7 Jul/Aug

The United States and the world continue to benefit from the large hydropower dams built in the early 20th century. Among the challenges of the 21st century, however…

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Volume 4 Issue 6 June

After a few decades of slow progress, pumped storage is taking off again. As wind and solar generation increase, the grid needs the additional long-term energy storage. That…

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Volume 4 Issue 5 May

The hydropower industry deals with large facilities, long-term agreements, years-long modernization projects, incremental technological progress, and generation-spanning…

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Volume 4 Issue 4 April

Hydropower is a top source of reliable, dispatchable, carbon- free energy, but there are often concerns about its effects on aquatic species and ecosystems. While…

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Volume 4 Issue 3 March

Marine energy is an exciting emerging field in the water power world. Like conventional hydropower, it uses the natural movement of water to create power, and in some cases…

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Volume 4 Issue 2 February

Changing weather patterns and a new focus on atmospheric river events on the West Coast have recently drawn attention to the risks and dangers of extreme rainfall…

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