Volume 1 Issue 3 Nov/Dec 2020

Managing the Mighty Colorado The Colorado River is the lifeblood of the Southwest, providing irrigation and drinking water to millions of people and driving mighty hydroelectric installations that provide power to major cities and communities. Many entities are involved in the proper management and use of this invaluable resource, including the Bureau of Reclamation, the […]

Volume 1 Issue 2 October 2020

Dams and hydropower facilities in the United States bring local communities immense benefits—flood control, reliable power, water storage, jobs, and recreational benefits among them. But to ensure that their benefits are known, they must be successfully communicated to the public and to federal and local policymakers.  That is the mission of the U.S. Society on […]

Volume 1 Issue 1 September 2020

By Kris Polly  The hydropower industry works on an epic scale. It tames the elemental forces of land and water to turn mountains, valleys, and lakes into power generators. From the Hoover Dam to Grand Coulee, the immenseearly- 20th-century hydroelectric dams that still power the West are familiar images. But hydropower goes beyond vast lakes […]